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Renaissance Institute


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The Renaissance Institute is an outreach of I Am Ministry. Our mission is to truly reform men of ages 19-35 through sound Biblical teaching.  Our attendants includes, but is not limited to, individuals with a criminal history of misdemeanors, felonies, etc., homeless persons, and any others who desire to improve their personal character.   As a result of our programs, individuals become disciplined, productive and responsible citizens of society, with a strong commitment to ethics. Graduates of our programs will be readily accepted into the workforce of sponsor companies and/or shall become successful entrepreneurs.  Our overall impact will decrease crime rates, decrease unemployment, and strengthen families. 


There are numerous organizations that focus on children development and care, as well as senior care.  However, there are very few organizations focused on service to men ages 19-35.  This group is often overlooked because many people assume people of this age group, especially men, have begun to establish themselves as responsible adults in society, either attending college or working with credible organizations.  Unfortunately, this simply is not true.  Many young men today struggle with decisions that are the norm in their community, but illegal.  Many young men, out of the frustrations of unfulfilled love requirements, become abusive manipulators, caring only for themselves.  The experiences many young men have, even in the pre-teen years, are the root of their behavioral problems. 

Due to the degradation of the family relationship, as well as the “business” of schools who continue to promote under-achieving students, young men 19-35 years of age are 70% more likely to experience the criminal justice system.  Though described as the Department of Correction, the prison systems have no interest in “correcting” any behaviors.  Each prison or jail is receives a certain amount of funding per person that is housed in their facility.  They budget for it!  Prisons and jails also have stores, like the community convenience store, from which prisoners and even employees are able to purchase goods.  Millions of dollars in revenue is received each year for and from prisoners.  Do you really thing the Department of Corrections is interested in “correction”?  If there is correction, the individual decides within themselves that they will not engage in criminal activities. 

Unfortunately, young men who have a felony criminal record (or worse) are very likely to be rejected from the mainstream workforce.  Often, these individuals have only made a one-time foolish decision in life.  However, after serving their penalty under the laws of the land, they continue to be penalized.  They can find no meaningful, secure work.  If work is found, most times the jobs are low paying and without benefits.  They cannot provide the essentials for themselves or their families.  Oftentimes such individuals will resort to more criminal activities in order to survive, which in turn perpetuates the crime cycles.

The viscous cycle is eminent today due to the failing family unit.  Many children are conceived “mistakenly” from engagements of lustful sexual acts.  Children are born unto parents who have little regard for their own lives, never minding the lives of the children.  Other parents are simply too busy to provide the love and care for which their children need and desperately cry out to get.  As the growth cycle from infant to toddler, to pre-pubescence, to adolescence to young adult goes very quickly, children who are simply neglected of their fundamental cares, such as love, discipline, instruction and guidance, discover them on their own with little or no explanations.  Their discoveries, however, most often are not favorable discoveries.  In other words, what they learn in the streets or on the television or on the video game or from the music they listen to or from their neighborhood and school peers are violent, rude, lascivious, selfish ways, disregarding love and compassion for themselves or others.

The homeless population, in the other hand, is also rapidly increasing, and many of them desire to get their lives back on track.  Homelessness is not limited to just an individual, but entire families are often found homeless.  Decisions to run away from home, lack of discipline, financial difficulties, credit problems, and simply bad financial decisions are all contributors to the homeless trend.  Unfortunately, many homeless persons are stuck in this status because they do not have the motivation or assistance to rebound.



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