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Our ministry is organized in  three (3) significant and effective organizations to serve our community, and perform missionary work throughout the county, state, and nation.


The Renaissance Institute is an outreach of I Am Ministry. Our mission is to truly reform men of ages 19-35 through sound Biblical teaching.  Our attendants includes, but is not limited to, individuals with a criminal history of misdemeanors, felonies, etc., homeless persons, and any others who desire to improve their personal character.   As a result of our programs, individuals become disciplined, productive and responsible citizens of society, with a strong commitment to ethics. Graduates of our programs will be readily accepted into the workforce of sponsor companies and/or shall become successful entrepreneurs.  Our overall impact will decrease crime rates, decrease unemployment, and strengthen families.  Click here for more.


The revelation from God is that LIFE is All About Love, God's love for His Kingdom, God’s love for mankind, our love for God and our love for others.  This conference is designed to enlighten attendants of God’s love and his expectations of us to not only love Him, but also love our neighbors, beginning with our own family.  The fact of the matter is that many families are dysfunctional due to the pain individuals have experienced.  Such pain is physical, emotional, and/or mental.  Because of such pain, individuals become closed and isolated emotionally, preventing any expressions of love to go forth out of them and rejecting love expressions that are directed to them.  They trust and believe only in themselves, and even deceive themselves to think they abide in the loving will of God.  Consequently, they perpetuate the dysfunction by instilling their fears in their children from generation to generation, and constantly molding  characters with callous hearts.  The end result is households that are broken through divorce, abuse (verbal & physical), molestation, etc.  There is, however, a balm that is healing for our souls, that is healing for our families.  Come and share in this experience!  Click here for more.


The Renaissance Man Mentorship Program provides mentoring services to young men in grades 9—12.  Its focus is to give underprivileged young men exposure to life experiences they otherwise would not have.  While engaged in our program, these young men will receive character guidance and challenged to dream!  Such experiences include, but are not limited to, college visitations, access to the corporate world for the kids to understand what professionalism is all about, access to professional athletes, and cultural exposure from different nations around the world. This program will provide guidance and planning to achieve those dreams.  Simply put, we hope to establish new beginnings for all mentees.  Click here for more.