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Male Mentor Program



The Renaissance Man Mentorship Program is a FREE service that provides mentoring to young men in grades 9 - 12 (ages 14 - 18).  Its focus is to give underprivileged young men exposure to life experiences they otherwise would not have.  While engaged in our program, these young men will receive character guidance and challenged to dream!  Such experiences include, but are not limited to, college visitations, access to the corporate world for the kids to understand what professionalism is all about, access to professional athletes, and cultural exposure from different nations around the world. This program will provide guidance and planning to achieve those dreams.  Simply put, we hope to establish new beginnings for all mentees.

Our mentors are Men of Standard, with esteemed morals and values; men of excellent character.  All of our mentors are subjected to a detailed background check and training prior to any contact with your child.  We will review each mentor’s background with each parent who registers for our program.  


This program is currently available to young men in the Central Florida area (Orange County, Seminole County & Volusia County) only. 

Program Outline

The following outline provides insight to our mentor program.  It is in chronological progression to develop mentees to have nurturing, full life, one of success instead of regret.  Each training session is built from Biblical instruction and principles.

· ORIENTATION - 2 hour session with all new mentees and their parents or guardians.  Orientation will allow the mentee and parents/guardian to get to know us while we also get to know them.  The orientation will set the expectations for both the mentee and the parents/guardian.  We will provide a detailed syllabus of our training, field trips, and other engagements.

· CHARACTER - Four (4) to Six (6) sessions to help mentees identify their true character, address any/all character flaws, and overcome any/all criticism, stereotypes, or misfortunes.  The beginning of success is understanding who you are, and knowing how to become who you want to be.

· Field Trip - Designation TBD.  This first field trip will introduce mentees to individuals/organizations who obtained success through strong character.

· EMPOWERMENT - Four (4) to Six (6) sessions to build self confidence while also “breaking the mold” their limited exposure and pursuing interests.  Mentees will be challenged with “out of the box” thinking, to overcome personal fears.

· EXCELLENCE - Four (4) to Six (6) sessions to help orient the mentees to be the best at everything they do.  Mentees will be challenged to be accountable and responsible for their thoughts and actions.  This training helps eliminate excuses while fueling the drive to achieve!

· Field Trip - Designation TBD.  This will be a visit to a corporate partner to give mentees exposure what really happens on jobs or in certain professions. 

· LIVE (LIFE) - Four (4) to Six (6) sessions plus continuous mentoring to help mentees understand what life is all about and guide/direct them to live a life of purpose.  These will be comprehensive sessions of Character Building, Empowerment, and Excellence training in pursuit to obtain life goals.

· Field Trip - Designation TBD.  This will be a visit to a college or university to give mentees exposure to higher education environments.  This will help them to understand what it takes to get into college, what’s expected of them while in college, and what it takes to succeed.


Click here to register your child to participate in our mentor program.  A program administrator will contact you to finalize your registration and arrange an appointment to meet with you and the child to get him started in our program.


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