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All About Love Conference


The revelation from God is that LIFE is All About Love, God’s love for His kingdom, God’s love for mankind, our love for God and our love for ourselves & others.  This conference is designed to enlighten attendants of God’s love and his expectations of us to not only love Him, but also love ourselves and our neighbors, beginning with our own family.  The fact of the matter is that many families are dysfunctional due to the pain individuals have experienced.  Such pain is physical, emotional, and/or mental.  Because of such pain, individuals become closed and isolated emotionally, preventing any expressions of love to go forth out of them and rejecting love expressions that are directed to them.  They trust and believe only in themselves, and even deceive themselves to think they abide in the loving will of God.  Consequently, they perpetuate the dysfunction by instilling their fears in their children from generation to generation, and constantly molding  characters with callous hearts.  The end result is households that are broken through divorce, abuse (verbal & physical), molestation, etc.  There is, however, a balm that is healing for our souls, that is healing for our families.  Come and share in this experience!


The locations and schedules for conferenceS haVE not been completed.  Please revisit our site at a later date for accurate conference information. 


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Related resources

  • Conference-related resources will be posted on this page.  Typically these resources will be tools or information for coaching to help you reach your goals.