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Mission Statement

We are an Evangelic Ministry, teaching individuals about God, His love, His grace and His expectations of mankind.  We want people to know how to meet His expectations and receive the blessings of His promises.  Our mission to revitalize and encourage the Church of the Living God by ushering the lost into the salvation of Jesus Christ.

This ministry is established upon deeply rooted Godly principles such as love, sincerity, honesty, respect, care for others, and humility.  We are not set out to obtain fortune or favor of men.  This ministry is all about teaching and living the whole Word of God, instead of traditions and doctrine of men.  We are a service to our brother and sister to help each one obtain the liberty and peace of God.


Simply stated, evangelism is the passionate preaching and dissemination of the gospel, as through missionary work.  It is the fervent determination for the cause of Jesus Christ to reconcile the lost with God the Father.  Jesus Christ, who traveled from synagogue to synagogue, community to community feeding the “hungry” souls the truth of God, first performed true evangelism.  The obvious cause of Christ was to display the power of God to defeat sin, the evil nature of man,  and the powers and principalities that influenced man, as well as restore the relationship between God and mankind.

Prior to Jesus, the “men of God” (prophets and high priests) only taught in their synagogues.  There was no outreach into neighboring towns, cities, states, or countries.  The activities of these men and women are what today’s churches imitate.  Through traditional religious worship, bishops, pastors, elders, priests et al are content with individuals coming to them, to their church or temple to hear the word of God.  What if no one came to the church or temple?  Are there not yet souls that would be saved through the Word of Truth?

Today, as in the days of Christ, the harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few.  People are hungry to hear the truth from God, but few are willing to commit themselves to this cause outside of the church walls.  Churches are established and directed after personal agendas versus the will of God.  Sadly, those who are hungry avoid the churches because of the ridicule and attitudes of the members, absence of true fellowship between members and leadership, and hypocrisy.  Consequently, men and women of the divine calling of God to proclaim the His Word, men and women with integrity and a passion for the souls of others must embrace opportunities for evangelism near and far.